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Currently working as a programmer in C, C++, Go and Python for a company in the marketing and public relations industry.


Using hledger for eco accounting, keeping track of your emissions using the open source hledger tool.

Restricting Gmail to ipv4, 2022 edition If you run postfix, and want to send email to gmail, you may have run into this problem.

Comparing sshfs to emacs TRAMP mode for editing remote files. I has assumed sshfs would be the better solution, but TRAMP mode turns out to have many benefits.

Occluding git merges Explains occluding merges—merge commits that overwrite and revert one of their ancestors' history. In a busy repository, occluding merges can easily cause a lot of confusion, because git log and similar commands don't show their effects very clearly.

(very outdated) Counting unique visitors without cookies - A fairly complex approach to the already-solved problem of counting unique site visitors, but one that should be useful in certain cases.

(very outdated) Estimating unique visitors in larger numbers - This article tries to solve the same problem as above, but on a larger scale; what if we get hundreds of thousands of unique visitors, but still want to estimate how many of them are unique, without resorting to cookies?