Michiel Buddingh Email:

Van Swindenstraat 78
5612 PW Eindhoven
The Netherlands


Currently working as a programmer in C, C++, Go and Python for a company in the marketing and public relations industry.


Occluding git merges Explains occluding merges—merge commits that overwrite and revert one of their ancestors' history. In a busy repository, occluding merges can easily cause a lot of confusion, because git log and similar commands don't show their effects very clearly.

(very outdated) Counting unique visitors without cookies - A fairly complex approach to the already-solved problem of counting unique site visitors, but one that should be useful in certain cases.

(very outdated) Estimating unique visitors in larger numbers - This article tries to solve the same problem as above, but on a larger scale; what if we get hundreds of thousands of unique visitors, but still want to estimate how many of them are unique, without resorting to cookies?